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Mass Intentions This Week



Intentions for the Week of May 31, 2020


May 30

Seventh Sunday of Easter

5:00pm (Vigil) St. Benedict Paul Jamiel (Birthday, May 29) by Mary    


May 31


8:00am St. Benedict Sister Juliana Weber by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity    
10:30am St. Benedict People of Christ Our Light Parish    
 1:15pm Sts. Peter & Paul Dick and Martina Saunders by Dan and Mary Ann Dzurec    


 June 1

8:35am St. Benedict Agnes Lehotay by John Latchic    


June 2

8:35am St. Benedict Tom Padden by Dan and Lynn Padden and Family    


June 3

8:35am St. Benedict  Susie Riddle (Anniversary) by Annie Bride    


June 4

8:35am St. Benedict  Howard Nau by Herman and Betty Nau    


June 5

8:35am St. Benedict Steve Woytko by John, Vickie, Mary, Helene and Jackson Kundrat    


June 6

8:35am St. Benedict  Joseph Grace (Anniversary, June 4) by the Grubbs, Grace and Lohman Families    
5:00pm (Vigil) St. Benedict  People of Christ Our Light Parish    


June 7

The Most Holy Trinity

8:00am St. Benedict  Eleanor Brusky by Michael and Becky Brusky    
10:30am St. Benedict  Tom Zembar by Family    
8:35am Sts. Peter & Paul  In Thanksgiving for Jim Reese by Ed and Debbie McConkey    

St. Benedict Church in Cambridge
Sts. Peter and Paul Oratory in Lore City