Pastor's Letter for the January 10, 2021 Bulletin

As we transition into this New Year of 2021 may we recognize the need for God’s grace to govern us, to give us wisdom, and to help us to appreciate that we are members of both a nation blessed with exceptional freedoms and a worldwide community of faith that draws us beyond political freedom into freedom from sin and the fear of death.


We also enter into an annual season of remembrance of unjust laws against the sanctity of life.  May the Lord give us both the courage and the joy to proclaim a culture of life.

Please note that we are planning an evening of prayer on Friday, January 22nd, which will include a Holy Hour as well as other prayers and reflections about the sanctity of human life.  We have not been able to develop substantial plans for participation in the March for Life in Washington, DC, this year.  Therefore, the prayer service on the 22nd will be a key alternative to that.  Nevertheless, since the March for Life is the following week this year, on Friday, January 29th, I will keep you posted if some plans to go to DC do develop relatively spontaneously!

Furthermore, we are beginning to re-emphasize the journey to the Holy Land, which had been postponed from this past October until this upcoming June of 2021.  Hopefully as quickly as plans for so many activities in the Church were postponed or cancelled this past year we will hear of things being reaffirmed with effective and ethically-developed vaccines or decreases in cases.  Those plans for the journey to the Holy Land will be confirmed or changed again very shortly as the possibility of travel in Israel and Egypt is clarified. 

Finally, the matching funds campaign for our sister parish in Caracol, Haiti, has likewise been a casualty of communication issues between a couple of organizations.  I have been assured by representatives of the “twinning” organization that we will be notified as soon as the matching funds are available.  You might remember that I had heard from one of the organizations – Food for the Poor – that funds had been offered/pledged for that matching funds campaign in November.  The other organization, however, had not been notified if the pledged funds had been actually sent.  So, that’s the green light that we are still waiting for!

And, FYI, my blood pressure has returned to a much more normal level. A good combination of things seems to be helping.  Thank you especially for your prayers as well!

May the Lord continue to bless us with joy and peace as disciples of Jesus and to help us to be always ready for the gift of eternal life in Heaven!