Pastor's Letter for the August 1, 2021 bulletin

We all need some very good and inspiring news items from time to time. Here’s a great article about a young nurse in Indiana who is now working in the NICU where she herself had once been a premature baby.  And she’s working with the very doctor who helped to her to survive! Enjoy!


As this week’s parish picnic draws closer – this afternoon, on Sunday, August 1st – I realize how incomplete this summer has been for me in one important way.  I have not yet gone swimming!  So, this dunk tank challenge will have another dimension for me.  I have stayed dry this whole summer.  Do we have anyone in our parish with good enough aim?  Do I dare bet on staying dry, said with a semi-taunt?!

Regarding this year’s Diocesan/Parish Share Campaign, the DPSC, again you have likely noticed that we have returned the brochures and envelopes to the pews for these past few weeks.  I am planning another pulpit appeal probably next week while we have the second collection. 

One thing I will reemphasize is that among the ways other parishes have been able to meet their goals is that a number of their parishioners give their parish support offerings primarily through the DPSC or split them 50/50.  We as a parish have a monthly “assessment” that we provide to the Diocese.  Additionally, we have our annual DPSC parish goal.  Once that goal is reached, the extra returns to the parish, assessment-free.  When we don’t reach our goal during the campaign time, we add that remaining amount to our regular, monthly assessment.  So, giving more of one’s regular offerings through the DPSC has an effect of reducing our regular, monthly assessment as well (clear as mud, right?). Anyway, thank you, again, to all who have already participated in this year’s campaign!

I am looking forward to next Sunday, August 8th, and the return of coffee and donuts in the Social Hall after the 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses at St. Benedict.  We will plan to have some gluten-free items available as well. 

Then, the following weekend, after all of the Masses of August 14th (after the 5:00 p.m. Mass) & August 15th, our Knights of Columbus are planning the return of another annual event, Sundaes for Seminarians.  Stop by the Social Hall after each of the Masses to enjoy an ice cream sundae and offer your support for the promotion and formation of seminarians for our Diocese of Steubenville.   

May the Lord help us to experience the transforming power of God’s mercy!  May Our Lord help us to be always ready for the gift of eternal life in Heaven!