Pastor’s Letter for the April 12, 2020 bulletin

Pastor’s Letter for the April 12, 2020 bulletin

Happy Easter to you all! May you experience the joy of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ growing stronger in your hearts and lives each day!

Several people have mentioned to me that we have had “the most Lent-like Lent” in a long time! Hopefully, we will have an Easter Season where that awareness of the Resurrection keeps growing stronger and we will have “the most Easter-like Easter” in a long time!

Please feel free to contact me about personal prayer time in either of our church buildings and know that we will try to have the church buildings open (through the ramp door at St. Benedict and main front door at Sts. Peter & Paul) and be in the confessional during the times we usually have our weekend Masses. We will simply try to maintain the 10-person maximum inside at any one time. We will also try to feature the Easter decorations in our church buildings in photos and videos at our website and Facebook page to keep the seasonal connection as well.

Please note likewise that both at our parish website and elsewhere in this bulletin is information about obtaining a Plenary Indulgence. This is something that Bishop Monforton has established with very exceptional requirements to allow all of us to remain immersed in the full graces of salvation even while away from receiving Holy Communion and from easier access to Confession.

Again, we have our confessionals arranged so that I could meet for confession in a very hygienic way fairly easily. Nevertheless, because we still want to limit our time in public places, this approach to a Plenary Indulgence that Bishop has established can be 100% accomplished without leaving your residence. We can still sin again after completing the steps for this special access to the graces of salvation. But, this is to give the peace that comes from truly having a new beginning even while dealing with any fearfulness this “coronavirus stuff” could bring. You can read Bishop Monforton’s formal declaration about this Plenary Indulgence at the Diocese of Steubenville’s website ( posted at that main homepage with other recent “Officials, Press Releases and Letters” for April 3, 2020.

May the Lord keep us protected and healthy and, as always, well prepared for the gift of eternal life!