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Mass Schedule


Saturday, June 15
8:35am - SB - Intentions of Bishop Monforton by the Ginnetti Family
5:00pm - SB - (Vigil Mass) Thomas K. Scanlon by Pat Farley

Sunday, June 16   (The Most Holy Trinity)

8:00am - SB - People of Christ Our Light Parish
10:30am - SB - Dorothy Van Horn by the Choir
12:15pm - SSPP - Christopher A. Pekari by Dan and Mom

Monday, June 17
8:35am - SB - Intentions of the Priests of the Diocese by the Ginnetti Family

Tuesday, June 18
7:00am - SB - John Skeslock by Allan and Becky Skeslock
8:35am - SB - Katherine Gress by David Gress

Wednesday, June 19
7:00am - SB - Deceased Members of the Wasieleski Family by Estate
8:35am - SB - Ed Karas by Janice Trace

Thursday, June 20
7:00am - SB - Fr. Andrew Nugent by Estate
8:35am - SB - Vocations by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity

Friday, June 21
7:00am - SB - Marie Farris by Estate
8:35am - SB - Agnes, Irne and John Hodock by Clare Becker

Saturday, June 22
8:35am - SB - John Ondrejko by Estate
5:00pm - SB - (Vigil Mass) People of Christ Our Light Parish

Sunday, June 23   (The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ)
8:00am - SB - Intentions of the Seminarians of the Diocese by the Ginnetti Family
10:30am - SB - Wib Unklesbay by Cindy and Family
12:15pm - SSPP - Esther Francis by Eugene and Maria Duke

SB - St. Benedict Church in Cambridge
SSPP - Sts. Peter and Paul Oratory in Lore City