Pastor's Letter for the October 9, 2016 bulletin

Pastor’s Letter for the October 9, 2016 bulletin

As mentioned last week, this weekend is being observed around our county as a “drug-free weekend.” Fittingly our Sunday Mass readings are about healing and gratitude. This helps us to turn to the Lord as the One who can help us both to cooperate as a community and to experience the personal conversions necessary for the change in drug abuse problems afflicting our area. Let us both pray fervently and work wisely to face these problems with the Lord’s grace making possible what seems impossible.

 Also this past week most of us might have noticed a letter to the editor in our local newspaper. In it the writer mentioned the establishment of an atheists’ group that is using an attention-grabbing title. The group leader wants to call the group the “Sanctuary of Satan”! How curious that while the group uses this title the founder states that, “Satan is only a metaphor/idol and not considered a real entity.” It seemed timely to me that this letter appeared on the day when our parish’s Catholicism series discussion group viewed the episode about the existence of God!

Bishop Barron begins that 3rd episode describing that most atheists object to an understanding of God that isn’t in keeping with the biblical understanding of God. We would object to most atheists’ understanding of God as well! God is not a being who is in competition with our knowledge and with our freedom. Instead, “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” – indeed the God who Jesus makes visible and personal to us – enables us to love more freely and to understand the universe more completely.   You might find it helpful to view that episode which is available for free through our account. If you have difficulty accessing, simply let me know and we can make that episode available by loaning out the DVD itself.

The Sunday Mass readings on prayer over these several weeks can also help us to develop a prayer life that is more personal and helps us to listen to and to hear God in prayer.

May the Lord help us all to journey together ever more joyfully, always ready for the gift of eternal life.