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Pastor's Letter for the July 7, 2019 bulletin

Pastor’s Letter for the July 7, 2019 bulletin  

We were blessed with an exceptional weekend throughout this past final weekend of June. 

Thank you to all who attended the priesthood ordination for Fr. Nicholas Ginnetti on Friday, June 28th. I enjoyed seeing that at least a third of the people who attended the event were from our parish, which was a great witness for an event on an early Friday evening in the midst of summer vacation season. 

Thank you to all who assisted with his Mass of Thanksgiving on Saturday morning at Sts. Peter & Paul, in a full range of ways from helping the many out of town guests with parking to helping the overnight guests who stayed at the Oratory rectory to be at home. The main street in Lore City was being paved that Saturday (like rolling out a new carpet?), so thanks to all who helped with directing some of the traffic around the side streets. The bells sounded great, especially ringing throughout the valley at the moment of the consecration during his First Mass, which is one of my favorite customs for every Mass there at Sts. Peter & Paul. 

Finally, the reception at the Sts. Peter & Paul Social Hall with its various themed tables, after the First Sunday Mass of Thanksgiving on June 30th, was the result of many generous volunteers. I enjoyed Mr. Pachuta’s musical offering on the harmonica as a way of rounding out both the beautiful Sunday Mass beforehand and the gathering at the reception, with so many people expressing gratitude. 

Congratulations Fr. Nicholas! Another wonderful custom associated with priesthood ordinations and First Masses is that of offering a “First Blessing” to people who participated there. Fr. Nicholas was very generous in offering that blessing, one-by-one, at all three of those gatherings, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. May the Lord bless you with always being a joyful and faithful instrument of God’s blessing and priestly presence! 

Our church and school campus in Cambridge is looking very beautiful here in this summer season, thanks to the work (and that word “work” is every bit accurate) of so many volunteers. As you are able, take a look at and enjoy the 10 different gardens and landscaped areas around our campus. And, we are continuing to plan some upgrades around and within those areas. 

The gardens and landscaped areas include the rose bushes and flowers in front of the parish offices, the median near that parish office parking lot, the garden around the Marian statue between the Social Hall and Conference Room doors, the landscaped area in front of the Rectory, the landscaped area along the Gomber Avenue side of the church building and around to the front, the small garden of the courtyard parking lot corner stairs with the small statue of Mary, the landscaped area in front of St. Benedict School, along the Steubenville Avenue parking lot side of the gym, the gardens near the back porch of the rectory and the new Monarch butterfly garden behind the garage! It takes an army of volunteers to help me to be attentive to every flower and weed! Thank you! 

May the Lord help us to walk together every more joyfully and faithfully, always ready for the gift of eternal life!