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Pastor's Letter for the September 27, 2020 Bulletin

This weekend we will be conducting something very unique.  In light of this year’s particularly unprecedented election process, we will be conducting a voter registration opportunity after each of the Masses this weekend. 

Please note this is something that you can do at home, as I will describe below.  And, as I have been researching about this process myself, I have learned more about the election process and about how all of us can participate in a way that is much more secure and systematic than I thought possible.  I believe this will help to peacefully diffuse a lot of the confusion that seems to be growing as we are drawing closer to the November 3rd election.

A.) Our “Voter Registration” opportunity can also be described as simply going to the Ohio Secretary of State Election website and confirming that you are registered.  We will have a laptop in the Marian Room (and in the “blood pressure” office at the Sts. Peter & Paul rectory) and either myself or another parishioner who can step through the very simple process of verifying that you are registered and where you would vote on November 3rd.  The last day to complete the voter registration/confirmation process is Monday, October 5th.  To “do it yourself” go to

B.) The voting process itself is something we can be much less anxious about because we actually have a whole month for Early In-Person voting.  See posters around the church and that we will have at the table with us during the voter registration.  That’s what I plan to do: one day during the month of October (yes, only once ), beginning on Tuesday, October 6th, go to the Guernsey County Board of Elections Office on Wheeling Avenue in Cambridge, directly across the street from Theo’s Restaurant. You would receive a ballot and go to a regular voting booth set up there just as you would at the November 3rd voting sites. 

Of course, you can always go to your regular polling site on Tuesday, November 3rd itself and vote on that day.  Thank you to many parishioners who have served as poll workers.  Additional poll workers/volunteers are needed for this year and if you can serve this way, call (740) 432-2680. 

May we all participate in this unprecedented election, aware of the various local levies, candidates and issues as well. And, may the Lord continue to bless us with joy and peace as disciples of Jesus and always ready for the gift of eternal life!