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Pastor's Letter for the August 16, 2020 Bulletin

If you’re in St. Benedict Church in the near future, you might notice a different scent in the air.  We had been using Pine Sol and another cleaner called, Fabuloso, to keep the surfaces inside thoroughly sanitized.  I had jokingly referred to our churches as “St. Benedict of the Pine Sol Forest” or “Christ Our Fabuloso Light”.  We’ve been using a bit more Murphy Oil (woo hoo to Colgate-Palmolive) and some Old English recently to protect and restore some of the wood finish. 

Anyway, the more recent scent is in fact grapefruit, which is the fragrance of the formula in our new electro-static sprayer.  That should make the sanitizing of our churches and school go noticeably quicker and with a formula that is easier on the wood, too.    

I’d like to acknowledge our St. Benedict School staff and teachers for going the extra mile in preparation for a safe re-opening of the school this year.  Actually, I know so many of our parishioners have key roles in all of our area school districts.  Blessings to you for your efforts to ensure a wise and safe return to school.  What a challenge to be double-preparing (planning both for in-class instruction and for the possibility of returning to remote teaching)!   

Please note that when our St. Benedict School begins on Tuesday, September 1st, the school Mass on Thursday will be held at another time, later in the morning.  That way, we would be able to maintain distance between those attending the 8:35 a.m. Mass and the students plus have some time between the Masses to re-sanitize the church.  As mentioned last week, a few more fix-up projects are underway, including the roof of the main school building this upcoming week and a new layer of mulch on the playground.  Thank you to the Callahan family (Chelsea, who is our First Grade teacher, her husband, Derrick and children) who power-washed that playground equipment recently, helping to prep the playground for the new year.

Please note likewise that we have established a way to make offerings to the parish and school online.  It is a process that was established by the Catholic Extension Society, which provides many resources for dioceses like ours that has been re-designated as a “mission” diocese.  The Diocese of Steubenville received a grant from them to be able to offer this service to all of our parishes. If you go to our parish website (, you can see on the main menu a link entitled “Online Giving & Offerings.” Here are the instructions you would see there:

Please click on this link Go to the middle of the page and to the drop-down boxes under “Donation,” 1) First select “Parish” and then from “ORGANIZATION NAME” select “Christ Our Light Parish (Cambridge),” which should be the last one on that list.  The minimum offering at this site is $10.00.  You could also provide a gift to St. Benedict School through this site as well.  Thank you, again!  

May the Lord keep us protected and healthy and, as always, well prepared for the gift of eternal life!!