Mass Schedule


Sunday, July 15   (15th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
8:00am - SB - People of Christ Our Light Parish
10:30am - SB - Deceased Members of the Schumacher Family by Annie Bride
12:15pm - SSPP - Deceased Members of the Dzurec and Turza Families by Dan and Mary Ann Dzurec and Family

Monday, July 16
8:35am - SB - Intentions of the Seminarians of the Diocese by the Ginnetti Family

Tuesday, July 17
7:00am - SB - Senurio Tonnous by Estate
8:35am - SB - Al Mueser by the Staff of the Cambridge Dyslexia Center
1:30pm - Red Carpet Health Care Center - Natalie Anderson by Family

Wednesday, July 18
7:00am - SB - Lou Coury by Friends
8:35am - SB - Msgr. Patrick K. Maher by the Parish

Thursday, July 19
7:00am - SB - Mike and Edith Shipula by Friends
8:35am - SB - Ed Lehotay by James and Connie Lehotay

Friday, July 20
7:00am - SB - Elias Haddad by Estate
8:35am - SB - Andrew and Anna Maceyko by Edward Szabo

Saturday, July 21
8:35am - SB - Susan Stansbury by Friends
5:00pm - SB (Vigil Mass) - Msgr. Stephen Laca by Liz Lewis

Sunday, July 22     (16th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
8:00am - SB - Martha Delik by Joe and Sharon Miller
10:30am - SB - People of Christ Our Light Parish
12:15pm - SSPP - Patricia McConkey by Eugene and Maria Duke and Family


(SB) St. Benedict Church in Cambridge

(SSPP) Sts. Peter and Paul Oratory in Lore City