Mass Schedule




Saturday, January 19
5:00pm - SB - Vigil Mass - Deceased Members of the Pipa and Delik Families

Sunday, January 20   (2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time)
8:00am - SB - Cynthia McCormick by Shirley Kurtz
10:30am - SB - For an End of Abortion by Jeff and Joyce Day
12:15pm - SSPP - People of Christ Our Light Parish

Monday, January 21
8:35am - SB - Eleanor Brusky by Richard Brusky

Tuesday, January 22
7:00am - SB - Joseph Buttress by Estate
8:35am - SB - Jean Nolan by Therese Terrell

Wednesday, January 23
7:00am - SB - George Pavlik by Fr. Hrezo
8:35am - SB - Al Mueser by Gary and Mary Lou Klamut

Thursday, January 24
8:35am - SB - Vocations by the Franciscan Sisters of Christin Charity

Friday, January 25
7:00am - Fr. Andrew Nugent by Estate
8:35am - SB - Albert DeStephen by Don and Nancy Dieffenbaugher

Saturday, January 26
8:35am - SB - Dorothy Secrest by Estate
5:00pm - SB - Vigil Mass - Tommy F. Feliz by the Keaton Family

Sunday, January 27   (3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time)
8:00am - SB - Erma Sestina by Joe and Sharon Miller
10:30am - SB - Helen Coffey by the Coffey Family
12:15pm - SSPP - People of Christ Our Light Parish


SB - St. Benedict Church in Cambridge
SSPP - Sts. Peter and Paul Oratory in Lore City