Mass Schedule


Sunday, May 13   (The Ascension of the Lord)
8:00am - SB - People of Christ Our Light Parish
10:30am - SB - Albert DeStephen by Don and Ann Moore
12:15pm - SSPP - Christopher Pekari by the Ginnetti Family

Monday, May 14
8:35am - SB - Doug Rodenbeck by Buddy and Donna Brill

Tuesday, May 15
8:35am - SB - Phil DeLuca by Vicky Liguore
12:00pm - SSPP - Victor Sklenar by Fr. Hrezo

Wednesday, May 16
7:00am - SB - Kenneth Lorincz by Linda Pawlowski
8:35am - SB - Theresa Buttress by Philip and Patricia Buttress

Thursday, May 17
8:35am - SB - Intentions of Janet, Ken, Mark and Celena by Mary Watson Shea

Friday, May 18
7:00am - SB - Vocations by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity
8:35am - SB - Martha Delik by Joe and Sharon Miller

Saturday, May 19
8:35am - SB - Al Mueser by the Mueser Family
5:00pm - SB (Vigil Mass) - John Wallo and Betty Wallo Jones by Randy and Melanie Birchfield

Sunday, May 20     (Pentecost Sunday)
8:00am - SB - People of Christ Our Light Parish
10:30am - SB - George and Ida Bailey by Florence Neff
12:15pm - SSPP - David Scholik by Mike and Maureen Cowgill


(SB) St. Benedict Church in Cambridge

(SSPP) Sts. Peter and Paul Oratory in Lore City